Saturday, December 24, 2016

Jeffree Star Princess Cut Skin Frost

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Jeffree Star released some new Skin Frosts recently with his holiday collection, so I HAD to pick up Princess Cut! It's a super pale pink and compared to most of the other shades in his line, it's very subtle.

I have always loved the giant pink compact on the Jeffree Star Skin Frosts. It's very Barbie-esque. The mirrors on them are great because they're huge!
Now I have said it before when I've reviewed these, but the formula is not my favorite. And I've heard so many people say the same thing - it just wants to sit on top of your skin and not blend. As someone who makes their own cosmetics, I can tell you that the product kind of goes overboard on the silica. That's what makes it not want to blend. Yes it makes a product creamier, but when you put too much it makes it just sort of ... sit where you put it, if that makes any sense. That is my one gripe about the Skin Frosts.
The top swatch is blended out a bit and the bottom swatch is straight from my finger with one swipe. You can see it's definitely a pale, subtle highlight.

I do find that if I apply them lightly over a cream highlighter, like one from ColourPop, I can get more payoff from them. That's not to say the Skin Frosts aren't pigmented, because they are, it's just that when you try to apply them with a fluffy brush, it doesn't want to pick up much product. There's kind of a learning curve when it comes to using these. I love the amount of product you get and I really think you get a lot for the price compared to other companies, I just wish they would reformulate them because they have the potential to be so much better.

You can buy Princess Cut HERE!

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