Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Too Faced x Kat Von D Better Together Palette

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First off, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope you all had a great holiday season! Now it's time to get back to the grind! lol

When I first heard about this Too Faced x Kat Von D palette coming out, it seemed like an unlikely combination. Too Faced has always been pretty neutral shadow-wise, and Kat's line is for the most part very bold and darker. It definitely works though, and I'm a fan of it!

As you can see, the Too Faced side is light pink with gold roses and Kat's side is black with silver roses. The palette is magnetic so it splits down the middle into 2 separate palettes.

Each half has 6 shadows. The Too Faced ones are shaped like hearts:
And The KVD ones are her usual rectangular shape:
Both Jerrod an Kat wrote little letters on the inside of their palettes, which I thought was a cute added touch.

Too Faced's shadows have always been very hit or miss for me. The majority of these, though, are great! The mattes are incredibly buttery and probably the best I've tried from them.
BFF - matte cream. This is super buttery and blends amazingly.
Lovely - matte baby pink. Exactly the same feel as BFF has.
Friendspiration - metallic copper. Extremely smooth and pigmented!
Heart of Gold - metallic golden olive. This is such a pretty light olive shade, and again, nice and pigmented.
Power Couple - matte chocolate brown with gold glitter. This one performs better on the eye than it swatches. It is pretty dry so the glitter wants to just fall out of it.
Better Together - deep shimmery blackened purple with gold sparkles. Again, this one is kind of dry but performs fine on the eyes.

Now for Kat's side of the palette - I have always loved her shadows and these are no exception. They're the same quality you'd be getting purchasing one of her standalone palettes.

Yours - matte bluish gray.Smooth and blends perfectly!
Darling - metallic taupe. I LOVE this color! It's an awesome all-over lid shade.
Por Vida - matte bright white. You definitely have to build this one, but that's with any white shadow. I find that I don't use whites too often, but this is a decent one.
Devotion - matte black. Kat's blacks are always super rich and pigmented! A little goes a long way.
Swoon - deep red with a satin sheen. This one is insanely soft and pigmented - the red I've been waiting for from Kat! It looks like red satin sheets.
Lovestruck - pale peach with a pink iridescence. This is an interesting shade. It's pretty light, but buildable. I think it would make a great face highlighter - and I wish Kat would release some highlighters!!

All in all, I ended up liking this palette a lot more than I thought I would when I first saw it on social media. The colors didn't really wow me when I saw pictures of it, but actually having it in front of me and getting to use it has made me really enjoy the shades and how they look together, and the looks I can create with them. 

The $65 price threw me off as well, but the palette comes with a FULL SIZE Better Than Sex mascara and Tattoo Liner in Trooper, so it definitely helps when you think of it that way.

You can purchase this (or the other items in the Too Faced x KVD collection here:
Eye Collection (this palette with the mascara and liner)
Mascara/Liner Duo (these are minis)

I hope you guys enjoyed this review - there's lots more coming soon!

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