Saturday, December 24, 2016

ColourPop Ultra Metallics!

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I picked up some more of the Ultra Metallics from ColourPop, along with one of the Ultra Satins from their Hello Kitty Collection, and decided to do some swatches even though I've already reviewed both of these formulas!

So the first one here is from the Hello Kitty collection. It's an Ultra Satin (my favorite formula from them) and it's called Tiny Chum
This is a muted, everyday pink shade on me. I absolutely love it! Their Ultra Satins are so smooth, pigmented, and comfortable to wear. They're not TOTALLY transfer proof, but they don't make a mess, either. Think of it as a creamy lipstick that lasts longer than a normal tube of lipstick would. 

Then we have Salt, which is one of their Ultra Metallics. This one I can best describe as a metallic nude.
Their metallics are such a great formula as well, though the wand never seems to grab enough product. These guys dry to be totally transfer proof without drying out my lips. I have to say, of all the metallic lip products I've been trying lately, these are my favorite!

Next up is Man Eater, which is just a few shades darker than Salt, but pretty close in color.
This one has more of a coppery tone to it, very pretty for fall/the holidays!

The last, and my favorite from this little purchase that I made, is Flitter. This is a crazy-gorgeous peachy pink packed with shimmery gold goodness.
This is pretty much a duochrome, which is probably why I love it so much. It reflects so much gold when it hits the light!

I am so impressed with how long these guys stay on the lips. Even through eating and drinking, it's crazy! For $6 you CANNOT beat the ColourPop liquid lipsticks. I've mentioned before that the mattes are pretty drying, but the metallics and satins are phenomenal.

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