Saturday, December 24, 2016

Kat Von D Alchemist Palette

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Today I have the new Kat Von D Alchemist Palette to review for you! This was something I saw the artwork for months ago and was super intrigued by. Then they released photos of the packaging, and that totally drew me in - a holographic triangle? Come on! It's SO pretty. However, when they showed what was inside, I was kind of just like "meh," because there's only 4 shades.

At $32 you have to break it down to $8 per shadow, which isn't bad. I just wish that the pans were larger, especially since this can be used as a highlighting palette and not just eyeshadow. It's a little difficult to get a bigger brush into 27mm pans. The palette itself is MUCH smaller than what I expected, especially since the MetalMatte palette was so gigantic and much bigger than expected when I received it in the mail!
The mirror takes up most of the inside of the lid. The palette is magnetic, and even though it is cardboard packaging, it is pretty well-made and sturdy. All of the shades look pretty pale and boring until you actually swatch them, and that's when the magic happens.

{Green} Emerald is a pale green shift. It leans towards being a little bit golden on me.
{Ultra-Violet} Amethyst is a bluish purple.
{Blue} Saphyre is a greenish blue by itself, but shows up like a bright blue when placed over a darker base.
{Pink} Opal is a pearlescent pearl shift - it goes from pale pink to hot pink depending on the lighting!

Here are swatches of all 4 shades on their own, on bare skin:
Emerald, Amethyst, Saphyre, and Opal

Then to show you the color shift and how much more the colors pop on a darker base, I swatched them all over a black eyeliner:
That Saphyre shade TOTALLY changes and becomes so vibrant! 

As for comparisons, people are most often comparing this to the Anastasia Moon Child palette. I do have that one as well, and Emerald is pretty close to Clover in that palette, Opal is pretty close to Pink Heart, and Amethyst is pretty close to Blue Ice. However, all the Anastasia ones have more glittery bits in them than these do, and I find that the KVD ones are more pigmented. 

I'm much more likely to use the KVD palette for my eyes and the Anastasia for highlighting, in my personal opinion. The tiny size of the KVD pans makes it a little difficult to use as highlighters. Kat Von D hit the formula out of the park, as usual, and I definitely love this palette. Just wish the pans were slightly bigger, then it would have been perfection!

You can buy the Alchemist Palette at Sephora or on!

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