Sunday, November 20, 2016

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette

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Urban Decay finally pleased all us color addicts with a full on rainbow palette! I was super excited for this one and picked it up despite the fact that it reminded me a lot of the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix from last year. (Upon getting them side by side, there really aren't too many similarities).
Inside is a full sized mirror and 21 shadows, along with a double ended brush.
The brush has a rounded smudger-type on one end (that's what I use it for, anyway) and a long blending brush similar to just about every other brush they've included in a palette.
The colors are all very pigmented, but despite the fact that they label a bunch of them as matte, there are only 2 that are truly matte shades in here. I was fully expecting that though, because Urban Decay has never been a company that does full mattes very much. Here's a look at the layout:
I really like the way it's set up, with each column being a different color scheme. I swatched them in sets of 3 so that I could do each column on its own.

Alchemy, Gossip, Paranoia:
Alchemy is a rose with a satin finish. Gossip is a hot pink with a slight iridescence to it. Paranoia is a light shimmery pink that has a slight violet tone to it.

Warning, Seize, Jones:
Warning is a metallic orangey copper. Seize is an iridescent coral. Jones is a shimmery light orange.

Midnight Blaze, Calavera, Goldmine:
Midnight Blaze is a blackened gold with gold glitter. Calavera is a matte bright yellow with hints of yellow sparkle. Goldmine is a pale yellow gold - slightly metallic and pretty sheer.
Hundred, Hatter, Mean:
 Hundred is an olive green with a gold sheen. Hatter is a matte spring green with hints of green sparkle. Mean is a bright shimmery green.
Minx, Blindsided, Metamorphosis.
Minx is a deep navy blue shimmer. Blindsided is a matte bright blue with blue sparkles. Metamorphosis is a matte cornflower blue with blue sparkles.

Delirious, Sketch, Faded:
Delirious is a deep matte purple (one of the only ones that is truly matte in this palette). Sketch is a bright purple with a bluish iridescence to it. Faded is my favorite out of the palette, a matte lavender base with lots of gold sparkle in it.
Platonic, Iced, Bump:
 Platonic is a gunmetal with silver shimmer. Iced is a pale silvery pink that is pretty sheer. Bump is a matte white - the other truly matte shade in the palette.

I really enjoy the palette as a whole. Up until now, the closest thing we had to a bright rainbow palette from UD was the Electric Palette, and I thought that was lacking a little bit. For one, it had the neon shades that "aren't eye safe," and it was missing that yellow shade that I'm really glad they included in this one. Yellow isn't a shade I use all that often, but when I do I want to use a good one, and thankfully this one is nice and pigmented. Yellows and reds are always the hardest to find in the shadow world, and while this palette is definitely missing that perfect matte red, it hit it out of the park with all the other shades. I am pretty happy with it so far!

You can purchase this from the Urban Decay website, Ulta, and Sephora.

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