Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Natasha Denona Star Palette

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This is a beauty! I reviewed the Green Brown palette a while back, and that is STILL one of my most used, favorite palettes. It has some of the nicest shadows, hands down, that I have ever used. When I saw this Star Palette was coming out, I kept telling myself no, but eventually caved and snagged it when it became available on Beautylish.
This one also has a steep price tag at $169, but Beautylish makes it a *little* easier on you by letting you break it up into monthly payments.

There are 18 brand new shades in this palette, with a variety of finishes. It also has that clear overlay with all the names on it as well. This kind of gets annoying, but I leave it on there so that the shadows don't get the mirror dirty.
It is split up into 2 groups of 9 shadows each.
Top row:
Spectrum (Crystal) - Deep golden brown
Earth (Creamy Matte) - Burnt sienna
Bellatrix (Metallic) - Rose gold

Middle row:
Flesh (Creamy Matte) - Orangey nude
Orion (Duo-Chrome) - Reddish brown with a strong teal shift
Gemma (Creamy Matte) - Deep reddish brown

Bottom row: 
Atria (Metallic) - Bright orangey copper
Titania (Creamy Matte) - Deep tan
Cosmo (Crystal) - Deep gold

And then I just swatched them across my arm in order:

Now for the right half of the palette:
Top row:
Diadem (Creamy Matte) - Taupe
Vega (Creamy Matte) - Pale peachy-pink
Galaxia (Crystal) - Pale silvery pink

Middle row:
Phoenix (Creamy Matte) - Pinkish mulberry
Supernova (Duo-Chrome) - Medium brown
Electra (Creamy Matte) - Pinkish plum

Bottom row:
Polaris (Crystal) - Champagne
Atik (Creamy Matte) - Tan
Rhea (Metallic) - Golden pink

I got this palette a few weeks ago and have been waiting to try it out for a while to make sure I can give you a proper review!

First off, everything in this palette is gorgeous. Initially there were 2 shades I was worried about, Phoenix and Electra, because when finger-swatched they don't show up as pigmented as you would think they do. However, they both perform beautifully on the eyes and I have no complaints! The crystal shades work best when applied with your finger. For those, I use them as toppers over other shadows when I'm creating a look. They are so, so pretty but the only downfall to them is the glitter bits tend to fall down onto your cheeks throughout the day. I recommend tapping a bit of glitter adhesive onto any area that you're going to apply the crystal shades to, and that will remedy the fallout situation.

I noticed Orion was the only shade that I felt like I had seen from Natasha Denona before, and upon checking my Green-Brown palette, there is a similar shade called Pinija. However, the teal shift in Orion is much stronger, and the shadow itself is more sparkly - Pinija has more of a shimmer finish than the metallic duo-chromey-ness of Orion.

The feel of the shadows is out of this world as well. They are so rich and creamy, and a dream to blend and work with. Like I said, the crystal shades are a little fallout-y but it's easily fixed by using a stickier base. I know that the Natasha Denona prices really turn a lot of people off and I totally agree that NO makeup should be that pricey, but then again you have a lot of brands that make stuff in the same price range that AREN'T that good. I see a lot of awful reviews for Chanel and Tom Ford stuff and I'm always thinking "geeze, I'm glad I didn't waste money on that!" Luckily with the Natasha Denona shadows I've tried so far, I have not been disappointed!

I purchased mine from Beautylish, HERE :D

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