Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mac Good Luck Trolls Collection

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I haven't bought this much from a Mac collection in a long, long time but I LOVE trolls! I still have all of mine from when I was a kid. As a matter of fact, I should have dug them out to photograph them with these products, but I didn't think of that until I sat down to write this post!
The collection didn't get as hyped as I thought it would, mainly because people were complaining about it looking "like kid's makeup." I think they actually did a really good job with it, and so what if it looks like fun kid's makeup? To me that just adds to the nostalgia of trolls!

The first thing I got was one of the eyeshadows in Atlantic Blue.
This is a matte cobalt blue, with a little troll stamped onto it!
I've never been a huge fan of Mac's mattes, but it's definitely a buildable color.

The lipstick I chose was Dance Off, Pants Off. It comes in a crazy bright coral/orange tube!

The shade is a frost finish, though it's not OVERLY frosty like some of them can be. It's just a fun bright pink, nothing special but definitely the one from the collection that I figured I would get the most use out of!

The lipglass I got is Bubble Butt. Not only does it have a hilarious name, but it matches the lipstick perfectly.

And look at that packaging! Dying over the glittery top. Bubble Butt is a pink with violet and pink glitters.

Last but not least we have the star of the collection, one of the Beauty Powders in Play It Proper:

The compact alone made me want to buy this! It's a bright pink with a green pearlesence to it. The powder inside is a very pale shimmery pink, which makes a perfect subtle highlight.

And of course the troll design is on there too (makes me not want to use it and ruin that cuteness!)
As you can see it's very pale, and I've heard that both beauty powders from this collection are incrediby ashy on darker skin tones, which is a bummer. It's not that bold, in your face highlighter that I usually go for, but for when you want something very subtle, this is perfect!

So there you have it, my picks from the Good Luck Trolls collection. Let me know if you picked anything up!

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