Monday, May 30, 2016

Catrice Highlighting Powder in Stardust

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I've become a big fan of Catrice's products over the past few months, especially since Ulta has started carrying them. I became aware of this highlighter by watching Tarababyz on YouTube, and I figured I'd better grab this one because it was cheap and looked gorgeous!

Stardust is a really pale, silvery pink with just the right amount of shimmer to it to give you a beautiful glow. There's also one other shade that I believe is a bit more golden/champagne toned.
This powder feels so insanely soft, it's hard to believe this is only around $7!
Here I did a heavy swatch on the left, and then blended it out more on the right. This is definitely a highlighter for those of us who are pale and can never seem to find a highlighter shade that's really light without being stark white. I highly recommend this because it's such good quality!
The wear time is awesome as well. When I put it on in the morning, I can still see the glow from it at the end of the day. Catrice hasn't let me down yet, and this is definitely one of my faves from the line!

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