Monday, May 30, 2016

Model in a Bottle Lipstick Sealer

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In my never-ending quest to make all of my lipsticks last all day long, I came across Model in a Bottle's Lipstick Sealer.

At first glance, this has the most basic packaging/label ever. It is in a tiny bottle and the applicator is a flimsy brush that you would get with a cheap nail polish. Needless to say, it's not the easiest thing to work with when you're trying to apply it to your lips.
It also smells bad. Like really bad, and really chemical-y. When I was little I remember my mom used to buy Dr. Scholl's stuff that was a liquid corn remover for your feet and it smelled exactly like this LOL. Luckily, the scent goes away as soon as this dries.

With that being said, this stuff actually does work. It is just a clear liquid, and you paint it over any lipstick that you're wearing, let it dry (after 10 minutes it should be completely set) and this will make your lip color last through most of the day, unless you eat something oily. 

The downside is that it is very, very drying, so it's not a total 100% perfect product. If they could invent a version of this that was more moisturizing, or one that at least didn't make my lips feel like I've been trekking through the Sahara, I would give this an A+. Unfortunately I haven't used it much because it is so drying. I'd rather have to re-apply my lipstick than suffer with the painful dryness lol.

Below I took a picture of my lips right after I applied the Model in a Bottle sealer, and the bottom picture is after about 8 hours of wear. As you can see, it still looks pretty awesome. I made sure to pick a super creamy lipstick (This is a Marc Jacobs one) and it still kept the color sealed in there all day long. The coolest part? It wipes off super easily with a makeup wipe. I thought sure I'd be scrubbing the daylights out of my lips, but nope - comes right off!

I think this is an awesome product that definitely does what it says, but I couldn't use it every day, that's for sure! I think brides would benefit from it most, especially those of whom want to rock a bold lip on their wedding day but don't want it wearing off for all the photos that will be taken throughout the night. It would be perfect for that! 

Other than that, I'd say use at your own discretion. I for sure could not use it every day, my lips would hate me. I have tried everything and it still makes them super dry, so unfortunately I'll be continuing my search for the perfect lip topcoat that makes your lipstick bulletproof :)

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