Sunday, April 17, 2016

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette - Brights

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Today I'm going to share my thoughts on the NYX Ultimate Brights Palette.
 Let me preface this by saying it's been a long time since I've bought eyeshadow from NYX, because it disappoints me every single time. I find that they always tend to be chalky and they never want to blend well, but this little palette caught my eye and I had to try it out. At first glance it reminded me of the Viseart Editorial Brights palette that I always drool over but can't justify buying because I know I won't use it much. I love bright shades but don't tend to wear them as often as I used to. So, this seemed like a good alternative.

Depending where you pick it up, these are around $18, which is pretty pricey for NYX. I picked mine up at Ulta, where they often have NYX sales. I had $3.00 in points plus a $3.50 coupon, so I was able to save $6.50 on it. You get 16 shades, and even though they're pretty small it's a good amount of product.
The majority of the shades are matte, which worried me at first because NYX mattes are notoriously chalky and hard to work with. Let me tell you guys, I was super surprised and very pleased when I finally tested these out!
Here is the first row. The red isn't very pigmented. It has some gold glitter in it that doesn't show up much when you use it. Then there is a matte hot pink, a matte neon orange, and a matte true orange. I absolutely love the true orange shade - I've been using it to blend out black smoky eyes and it just works awesome.
Then we have the more purply row - There's a matte purple, matte fuchsia, matte rosey pink, and matte lavender. These are all pretty decently pigmented and blend nicely. Purples are usually hard to get good quality on in a drugstore palette, but these, like I said, surprised me, especially that first darker purple!
Then we have a slightly shimmery blue, a matte bright cyan blue, a satin teal-green and a matte seafoam green. That cyan is AMAZING and insanely pigmented. The seafoam green needs a little bit of packing to get intense color, but it's not too bad.
Last but not least we have a matte spring green, a lime green with gold and lime sparkles, a matte golden yellow, and a matte bright yellow. The lime green shade is very close to the lime in the Urban Decay Electric Palette.
Now this is what surprised me the most, because if you are a lover of bright shadows then you know that yellows are probably the hardest shadow to do right. I have tried so many and very few ever come out the way they look in the pan. These are EXCELLENT! The golden yellow reminds me of Sugarpill's Butter Cupcake. The brighter yellow is also nicely pigmented. Keep in mind that these swatches were done with NO PRIMER!!

So this palette definitely gets a shining review from me. I was so surprised by the way it performed, and so glad I could give it a good review! Now, the shadows do still feel a little chalky when I swatched them, but when I actually use them with brushes on my eyes, they are excellent. I haven't had an issue with fallout and I think they're just super soft shadows. I definitely have to recommend this palette if you're a lover of bright shadows (and if you're not, they have a few other Ultimate Palettes as well!)

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