Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

Today I have this beauty to show you, the highly anticipated Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette! It is now available on Ulta even though they sold out of the first release in about 23 minutes!

If you're wondering if it really does smell like peaches, why yes, yes it does! Actually it smells like the candy peach rings, which is even better in my opinion! As soon as I opened up my box when it came in the mail from Ulta, I could smell it without even opening up the palette packaging. It definitely wafts up at you as you're doing your makeup with it, and that was my favorite thing about the Bon Bons palette when I got it, so I already love this one!!
The packaging alone on this one is gorgeous. It is the same metal packaging as the chocolate palettes, but this one has a peach-to-pink ombre going on that just screams summer and is so pretty to look at!
Another thing you'll notice is that there are 18 shadows, and they're all the same size - they didn't include 2 larger shadows like in the chocolate palettes, and personally I like this layout better. The mirror isn't the biggest, but the cute lil' cartoon peach makes up for it!

I swatched the shadows in groups of 6 to make it easier to post pictures, hopefully this keeps the post not so photo-heavy!
White Peach - Cream satin
Nectar - Light gold satin
Peaches N' Cream - Matte pale peach
Luscious - Metallic golden peach
Cobbler - Metallic coppery brown
Georgia - Matte pale peachy pink
The Peaches N' Cream shade needs a little extra help just because it doesn't swatch the best, but it does perform nicely. All the others in this set are nicely pigmented and perform great!

Just Peachy - Light pink with a peachy sheen
Candied Peach - Matte orangey peach with pink and gold glitter
Caramelized - Shimmery golden brown
Bless Her Heart - Metallic olive
Bellini - Metallic peach with a gold sheen
Puree - Matte burnt orange
Again, that Candied Peach shade gave me a bit of an issue while swatching, but it performs nicely. I think a lot of Too Faced mattes are like that, to be honest. Just Peachy and Bellini are my two favorite shades in the palette - if you love color shifting shadows, these both give off an awesome effect when light hits them!

Tempting - Deep burnt sienna with gold sparkles
Peach Pit - Red toned shimmery brown
Summer Yum - Matte pale burnt orange
Charmed, I'm Sure - Matte brown
Delectable - Deep purple with slight shimmer
Talk Derby to Me - Blackened violet with multicolor sparkle
In this set, Summer Yum and Charmed, I'm Sure both had swatch issues but again, they perform just fine. Talk Derby to Me has a much drier texture than any other shadow in the palette, so I find that I have to work a little more with that one, but all in all this palette is very nice!

I would definitely recommend the palette if you've been eyeballing it and think you need it. There's nothing in here that's "omg so unique" shade wise, but it's such a nice collection of shades to have all in one place, and it will be perfect for spring and summer!