Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rebels Refinery Skull Lip Balms

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I picked up these adorable skull balms from What's cool about them is they come in 3 flavors - Avarita (unscented), Luxuria (passionfruit), and Superbia (mint), and you can get them in either the pink or the black packaging. My pink one is the passionfruit and the black is unscented.

The box they come in has a cutout in the front so that you can see the product, and it has a shot of the actual packaging on the side of the box.
For anyone who likes skulls, these are an awesome addition to your makeup collection. They are like an eos but way cooler!
The product itself is just clear, and Rebels Refinery is a unisex company so everything they make is for guys or girls. Love that!
The formula is smooth and very nourishing - I am really impressed with the balm. I have had these since right after Christmas (yes, I definitely took a while to review these lol!) I'm almost halfway through the pink and I use it all the time!
The top of the skulls have the Rebels Refinery logo printed on them, and the bottoms say, "Be all my sins remeber'd."

All in all these are really nice balms that anyone can enjoy. The one downside is the shape - it's not exactly something you can toss in your pocket. That's not an issue when you have a bag with you, but since these are unisex, men might not want to be shoving these in their pant's pockets lol. Other than that, I love them!

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