Saturday, March 19, 2016

ColourPop Ultra Satins!

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I picked up some of the new Ultra Satins from ColourPop, along with a couple of the matching liners, so get ready for a swatchfest!

I will get into swatches first and then talk about the formula, as these are NOT like the Ultra Mattes in any way. They share the same type of packaging, but that's about it!
First up is Marshmallow - I knew this one wasn't a very practical color for me, but I couldn't help it. For some reason I'm drawn to these grayish lavender shades!
The pencil is slightly darker than the lipstick, so it makes a good combo! 
Here is the pencil on its own, and I apologize for the dryish lips because I took all these photos after I got over being sick for a week:
 Then this is the lipstick over the liner:
Here they are side by side so you can see the color difference:

Next is Echo Park, which is one of those "perfect nude" shades for me:
It's a warm peachy nude shade and very moussey in consistency.

Then we have Frick N' Frack:
This is a hard color to describe. It has some red tones to it, but it's more of a brownish nude.
Here is the liner on its own:
Then the lipstick over the liner:
And here they are side by side - these are pretty much both the same exact shade.

Last we have The Rabbit, which is a hot pink with a blueish duochrome to it.
This is very bright and so fun!

Okay and for the verdict? I LOVE THESE!! That's a shock to me, because when I heard they didn't dry down and weren't kiss proof, I was like "Eh I'm probably not going to like them." Let me tell you, the first day I tried one, it was coming off and transferring onto everything I ate so I didn't expect it to last long. For some reason every time I looked in the mirror, my lipstick still looked fine!

The lipsticks go on moussey and feel very comfortable. They're slightly tacky, but not too much. I think that plays a big part in them lasting all day the way they do. The crazy part is that even though they have this crazy staying power, they still come off easy with a makeup wipe. Unlike the mattes, which need some sort of oil based remover to take them off!

These are a perfect alternative to the matte liquid lipsticks for anyone who think they are too drying!

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