Monday, March 21, 2016

ColourPop Brow Products

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I was excited when I heard that ColourPop was releasing brow products, so I picked up two shades because I always like to have a lighter and darker one!

First we have the lighter of the shades that I got, Dope Taupe.
The pencil is super thin, and kind of feels flimsy, but I like that it is so thin because you can get pretty precise with it. It has a spoolie on one end that is rather soft instead of being hard and stuff, and the brow product itself clicks up on the other end. WARNING: You can NOT click it back down, so don't over-click!
Dope Taupe is a nice light brown shade, and pretty perfect for the fronts of my brows. I tend to like them a little darker on the tail ends, which is why I picked up another shade.
The brow colour is the same exact shade:
 The formula reminds me a lot of their creme liners. It's very smooth, glides on easily, and doesn't budge.
Here is the pencil on the left and the creme on the right:

The pencil is a really dark brown. This is about as dark as I go with my brows, otherwise they'll look way too dramatic for my liking!

The brow colour in this shade is slightly lighter than the pencil.
Same formula as Dope Taupe, very smooth and creamy. As you can see, the pencil on the left is darker even though they are both the Bangin' Brunette shade.

My final thoughts on these are that I like the colours much more than the pencils. The pencils don't seem to ever set and can easily be wiped off. The creme colours however, set and don't budge. They're much longer lasting and apply smoothly. I think the pencils are good if you're in a rush and need a quick brow touch-up, but they're not going to last you if you're looking for all day wear. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this review and remember to follow my blog for more updates!

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