Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hard Candy Bold & Gorgeous Fat and Fine 2-in-1 Liner

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I'm not quite sure how long this has been out, or if it's one of the new spring releases, but at any rate I had never seen this Bold & Gorgeous Liner from Hard Candy before!

At first glance I thought this had 2 different tips, as in one on each end. That's not the case. This is a felt tip liner that is shaped like a paddle, so that if you turn it sideways you can get a thin line, and if you lay it flat you get a bold, thick line.
It does apply pretty well - it's very liquidy and very dark. It dries quickly and you can rub on it without it smudging. It lasts all day but is easy to wash off - all good things for an eyeliner!
The one gripe I have with it is that the "thin" line still isn't really thin. You can't get super precise with this, and it's better for when you're wanting super bold liner than a thin, precise wing. They have a couple other new ones with crazy looking tips as well that I will have to test out soon!

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