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LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs Contour Palette

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I had wanted the Contour Palette from LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs for quite some time, and a while ago before Valentine's Day, they had a 30% off sale. I finally snatched it, and it has taken me a bit to finally get this review up, so I apologize for that!

The packaging is the coolest looking thing ever - it is designed like a book, and has a creepy looking eye peeking through stitches!
The color names are all on the back of the palette.
This is a palette that can be used for the face as blushes/bronzer/highlighters, or they can all be used as eyeshadows as well! I love the versatility of it, as well as the fact that everything in here is matte.
You get 12 shades here, from blushes to bronzers to contour shades, and they are all the same quality as the LunatiCK shadow palettes. Just like with those, these have that dry feel to them, yet, aren't chalky and blend amazingly. The first time I ever tried their shadows I was so worried that the mattes were going to be a nightmare to work with, but I was so pleasantly surprised! Let me first show you swatches of all the shades, and then I'll get more into my thoughts on it.

Dark Cool is a dark brownish gray:
Definitely too dark for me to use as a contour shade for day to day makeup, but works great as a shadow!

Medium Cool is a straight up dark gray:
If I use this lightly enough I can pull it off as a contour shade. It is gray, which is odd, but when applied I think it looks pretty good as a contour shade!

Light Cool is a pale gray:
I've been using this one a lot to blend out shadow looks.

White is just that, a matte white:
This is one of the better matte whites that I own!

Pink is more of a deep coral shade:
I thought the name for this one is odd - it's definitely not all that pink to me. I see more of a rosy coral shade than anything else.
Beige Pink is a warm, almost rosy color:
I like this one a lot as a crease shade!

Medium Pink is a salmon pink shade:
This one is the one that should have been called Pink lol. It has more of a salmon tone to it, but it's definitely pink-ish. This is probably my favorite to use as blush out of the palette.

Light Pink is a nude baby pink:

This one is very light, almost too light to see when I use it as a blush, but a tad too dark to use it as a highlight. I have been mixing it with the other blushes to lighten them a bit.

Dark Brown is just that, a dark brown:
 It has almost a reddish tone to it, but nothing too crazy.

Brown is a light chocolate brown shade:
This is a good dark bronzer shade for my skin tone, as well as a great transitional color on the lids.

Light Brown is a very pale brown:
This one is my bronzer of choice out of the palette - it's light enough for my skin tone, and not orangey at all.

Cream Yellow is a pale yellow toned cream:

This color actually works really well for setting under eye concealer. It reminds me of the banana shade from one of the Anastasia contour kits. (I don't own that one, I've just seen it everywhere!)

All in all, I'm really glad I finally grabbed this palette. As you can see from the swatches, none of these are chalky at all which surprised the crap out of me! ;lol it's hard to find good white shadows that don't make a mess and actually show up pigmented and white, and this palette was able to do that. 
The quality of their matte shadows are pretty amazing. Like I said, they feel dry so that kind of throws you off at first, but once you use them and work with them, it's like, "Whoa, wasn't expecting that!" I have the Supernatural eye palette and use it constantly because it's THAT good. I'm glad that these can be used on the face and eyes, because I wouldn't get much use out of the darker colors for my face - I don't use bronzer all that much, so it's nice to be able to use those shades on my eyes and not feel like they're going to waste!
I hope you guys enjoyed this review that I've been meaning to post for a month now lol. Be sure to follow my blog for tons more!

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