Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hard Candy Cheeky Tints in You're a Doll

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The first of my reviews of Hard Candy's new items for spring 2016 is this Cheeky Tints blush in the shade You're a Doll, a baby pink.

The one downside to Hard Candy is that they're only sold at Walmart, and unfortunately a lot of the ones I've been to (and I hear this from so many other people as well) always have a picked-through section, stuff is always opened and it's just a nightmare to shop for anything from the line. The one closest to me just knocked down and remodeled their entire beauty section (it looks more like Target's now, with lights and everything) and it was nice and neat the last time I went and got this stuff. For now. lol

These Cheeky Tints are creamy gel formula blushes. At first I was worried because it seemed super pigmented, but once you blend it in, it sheers out. 
It comes in a squeeze tube, which makes it easy to control. It applied best using my fingers, but a stippling brush worked too - I just had to work a little longer to build up the color on my cheeks with the brush. It is very buildable so you can have as little or as much color as you like.
Now I don't usually like cream blushes because I'm oily, but this stuff is really quite nice. It dries down completely and doesn't feel like anything sitting on top of your skin. It works more as a stain than a "gel blush," which I personally love. It lasts all day without having to apply more, and when I tested it on my hand, it didn't come off until I showered that night and scrubbed at it. That gets two thumbs up from me!

There is no scent to it, and it isn't sticky or greasy. I think this is going to be awesome for summer time, because I can just blend some on real fast for a subtle color and go about my day without worrying about it sweating off or anything. At $6 I think this is something definitely worth checking out!

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