Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hard Candy Illuminate and Strobing Mix-In Drops in White Pearl

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So many companies are hopping on the strobing bandwagon, and Hard Candy is no exception. I recently spotted these mix-in drops and had to try them out.

The first thing I noticed was how big this bottle is. You get .55 oz, which is giant for a liquid highlighter like this. It is glass, and has a medicine dropper type applicator, very similar to the Lorac Liquid Lustre Drops.
The color is White Pearl, so I don't know if they are making other shades or already have them, but this is the only one my Walmart had.
It's not an intense highlighter by any means. This is meant to mix into foundation to make it more glowy, or you can of course use it on its own. It does give a nice glow when I use it on my cheekbones, it's just not a shimmery highlight like I usually like to wear.
Above here is what it looks like applied thickly before it dries, and below it is blended out to show you what it actually looks like when you use it on its own.
It dries pretty quickly, which is great. I like to apply it with my finger but a stippling brush works just as well. I'm not a huge fan of dewy looking foundations so I haven't used it for that yet, but with the consistency and amount of shimmer to it, it is perfect for mixing into pretty much any liquid foundation.

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