Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Color in Hibiscus

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I was anxiously waiting for these new matte liquid lipsticks from Hard Candy to come out. They were already sold out of a few of the shades at my Walmart by the time I got to them, and I ended up with this one, Hibiscus.

Hibiscus is a bright coral and not a color I normally go for, but it was my favorite out of the ones that were available and I really wanted to try one out and review it for you guys!
The tin that it comes with is kind of pointless. It has a mirror on the inside of the lid, but I don't know why anyone would carry the tin around with them when the gloss tube itself is so sleek and flat enough to fit in your pocket. As a matter of fact, these tubes remind me of the Urban Decay pocket rocket glosses from years ago. I remember hearing that Urban Decay owns Hard Candy and figured they just recycled a product design, but I did some research and found out that isn't true. Either way it still reminds me of those glosses!
The applicator is long and skinny. I always love these types of applicators with liquid lipsticks, because it makes applying them a bit easier.
The colors is nicely pigmented but does need 2 coats to get it to apply evenly, probably because it's such a light shade. It feels cushiony and moussey and takes a minute or two to dry fully.
It has an amazing vanilla cake batter scent to it, and is kiss proof once it's completely dry. What I found awesome about this formula is that my lips stayed feeling cushiony and comofortable the entire time I wore it - it never felt dry. This shade did tend to collect in my lip lines a little, but  it wasn't a huge deal because it wore so comfortably. I went for about 7 hours, even with eating and drinking, before I felt like it faded enough to need a touch-up. This stuff was $6 and performed beautifully, no complaints! I will definitely be grabbing a few more colors when my Walmart restocks!

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