Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lunatick Cosmetics Lab Apocalipstick in Lacrimosa

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Lunatick Cosmetics came out with a limited edition lipstick for Valentine's Day and this is one I definitely had to grab! Not only was it a limited edition shade, but the lipstick bullet is matte black instead of the usual shiny black one.
On the top is Lacrimosa and the bottom is one of their normal lipstick bullets:
As you can see, they are literally "bullets" and pretty much the coolest lipstick packaging ever. Love them!!
Lacrimosa is a sheer pink with a blue duochrome to it, and LOTS of sparkle! This shade looks amazing over different shades of purple lipsticks, that's been my favorite way to wear it so far.
As you can see, it can definitely be worn on its own as well. It gives a sheer wash of color with lots of sparkly goodness. You can't feel the glitter at all, which is a huge plus!
The Apocalipsticks have a dry texture to them, but once they are applied they feel amazing on the lips. They're very moisturizing and wear for hours before needing to be touched up. Lacrimosa is definitely no exception. The first time I ever tried these lipsticks I thought they'd be drying, but it's like they melt into your lips once you apply them, so the fact that they feel dry in the tube doesn't really matter. They also have a very nice scent to them, sort of like cherry chapstick!

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