Friday, January 22, 2016

NYX Ombre Blushes in Mauve Me, Soft Flush, and Code Breaker

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I had to, HAD TO grab some of these new NYX ombre blushes. When I saw teaser picture several weeks ago I got really excited, because I am just in love with ombre blushes. I love the Hard Candy ones, but there's only 2 colors in that line and they're both very shimmery, so these were heavenly to see!

These are $10 each and are on the NYX site and Ulta (but Ulta only has a few of the colors so far). I ended up ordering from Ulta because they ship much faster than NYX, and they happened to be BOGO 50% off when I ordered, so that was extra awesome! (I did get 4, but one was a double that I got for my grandma).

The boxes are cute - they have the whole ombre look on the top and bottom. The compact is a sleek black plain one, usual NYX packaging.
The mirror is an awesome size as far as compacts go:
This first color is Soft Flush, and It has a super shimmery light peach at the top that fades into a matte coral. This is cool because when mixed together, you get a nice satiny coral blush:
Here is the lighter shade, the darker shade, and then the two mixed.

Next is Mauve Me:
This is a very pale pink satin that fades into a deep matte mauve. 
Lighter shade, darker shade, mixed. (It's really hard to get JUST the light color in these, because the light shade is such a tiny section and they're very blended into one another.

Last we have Code Breaker:
A purple into bright pink, I think this was the brightest out of all of them, but I could be wrong. It's definitely fun! This one is all matte and feels a little harder pressed than the other two, but it still performs well.

 I like that you can mix more of the lighter or darker shades in these to customize your blush color. They blend amazingly well, so there's no problem when it comes to that. They last all day for me, and I find that especially Code Breaker acts like a stain where it does not budge! I was surprised that it wasn't chalky, because I usually have that issue with matte NYX powder products. These are definitely a hit!

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