Saturday, January 23, 2016

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks in Honeymoon, Corset, and Lace Detail

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I picked up three of the new NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks to try out for you guys. These are actually matte, unlike the Matte Suedes, so I definitely like them more on that basis alone!

The applicators on these are long and thin, but I like them because they make it super easy to apply the lip color.

One thing I will say is it was REALLY hard to choose colors because a lot of them look very similar on the website. I ended up choosing colors that I don't think look the greatest on me, but at $7 a piece I would be open to trying a few more because I really do like the formula. We'll get into that in just a second ... Time for swatches!

The darkest one I got is Honeymoon:
This is a deep brownish taupe. 
The swatch above is just one coat - I've found this one does need two, otherwise it's a little see-through in spots.
Corset is a grayish nude:
While I usually love shades like this, this one just makes me look sick. For me to make it work I need to use a pink toned lip liner underneath it.

The last one is Lace Detail:
This is definitely the most "everyday" wearable one for me. It's a pinky nude, can apply a little bit patchy, but is fine with two coats!

These dry pretty quickly and they do set totally matte. When you first apply them, they have a mousse consistency and remind me a lot of the matte lip creams from NYX. They don't have any scent to them, although I expected them to smell like vanilla like the lip creams do. Once these set they ARE transfer proof, and I am able to get all day wear out of them - They fade slightly in the center after eating, but other than that they're a pretty amazing formula. You do need an oil based remover to take them off easily, and to me that's always a sign of a good liquid lipstick!

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