Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette

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I was so torn on whether or not to get the Gwen blush palette. I reeeeally don't like the eyeshadow palette all that much. However, I am happy to report that this palette is very nice and will be getting a lot of love from me!
This palette has pretty much the same packaging as the eye palette, only it's white instead of black. It's the same size, so they'll store nicely next to each other depending on how you like to store your makeup!
The mirror is the same as well - it's the full size of the inside of the cover, and says "Magic's in the Makeup" in the lower right hand corner.
You get 6 shades here, and depending on your skin tone there's a couple that can be used as a highlighter.

Cherry is a baby pink with a satin finish:
For all the swatches I did a heavy swatch on the left and a more blended out one on the right.

Easy is a rosy pink with gold sheen:

This is my personal favorite in the palette. I feel like it's a deeper, more pink version of NARS's Orgasm blush.

Angel is a shimmery golden champagne:

This is just a tinge too dark for me to use as a highlighter, but it will work if I use it super lightly! Otherwise, it's a great blush topper to add more glow to any of the other colors.

Lo-Fi is an orangey matte light brown:

This is probably my least favorite, just because I won't use this color much. It's too orangey for me to use as a bronzer, and not a blush color I would go for normally.
Hush is a peachy pink with slight gold sheen to it:

This is another really pretty shade that could also work as a highlighter on darker skin tones!

OC is a peach with pink iridescence:
 This is such a fun, unique color. It's another that will work as a glowy highlight on some, and can be used as a blush topper as well. I find just wearing it on its own is great for me, it gives a nice glow to your face and is so pretty!
All in all, I am glad I decided to pick up this palette. The formula is exactly the same as the single Afterglow blushes, which I absolutely love. They're smooth and the blendability is insane. That makes it awesome because every shade in this palette will blend with one another effortlessly, for seemingly endless color combinations.
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