Friday, January 22, 2016

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette

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This one is long overdue for a review, ladies and gents! I got the Bon Bons palette from Too Faced for Christmas and it's been getting a lot of love in my everyday makeup rotation.

Everything about this screams cuteness. The box looks like a candy bar, the inside looks like a pink candy par, the shadows are heart shaped - and it smells like chocolate. Not overpowering, just nice, chocolatey goodness. And it's not that fake chocolate scent that a lot of "chocolate" hand lotions and body washes are sometimes scented with - this actually smells like hot cocoa powder!
You get 14 heart shaped shadows that are 1g each and 2 larger base shades that are 2.2g each. The mirror isn't the biggest, but there's no denying that it's pretty!
I swatched the shadows in order and the OCD in me kicked in because they're not all the same size. Those two bigger ones, while it's nice to have more of those shades because I'll use them a lot, kind of throw off the look of the palette. That's probably just me, and it's not a huge deal, I just think they should maybe do 3 big ones across the top like the Kat Von D palettes - the layout would look a little more even that way. I don't have the other Chocolate Bar palettes but I know they're set up pretty much the same way, so I guess it works for them :)

First is Almond Truffle:
This is a matte light brown. Awesome transition color if you're super pale.

Satin Sheets:
I had this shade in one of their older palettes and it was pretty much my favorite Too Faced shadow EVER. It's a shimmery peachy-champagne and I just love it!

This is a shimmery light peach with a slight gold sheen to it.

Molasses Chip:
I would describe this one as a metallic copper - it's on the lighter side of a true copper, and so nice as an all-over lid shade!

This is a matte chocolate brown with gold glitter in it. The glitter doesn't transfer much when applied.

Cashew Chew:
This is one of those awesome "blend everything out" shades. It's a matte super light pinky nude shade.

Cotton Candy:
This is a true baby pink with a satin finish.

Cafe au Lait:
This is one of my favorites in the palette! It's a metallic light taupe that has silver sparkles in it and I LOVE using this one all over the lid!

This is a matte red toned brown and is incredibly smooth considering it's a matte shade!

This is is a matte tan shade. I was afraid this one would be chalky at first, but it blends like a dream.

Black Currant:
This is a shimmery berry purple with pink and gold sparkles. This one doesn't seem to have the greatest texture when swatched, but it performs well when I use it on my eyes, so it was a surprise!

Dark Truffle:
This is a dark brown satin.

Pecan Praline:
This is my go-to crease shade in this palette. It's a matte taupe and it's buttery smooth!

Totally Fetch:
This is the shade that first caught my eye when I saw this palette, because I do love my brights every now and then! It's a hot pink that has a slight iridescence to it. I know this was in one of their older palettes as well, but I didn't have that one so all the more reason to pick this one up, right? 

Earl Grey:
This is a shimmery/borderline metallic charcoal. I wouldn't call it a metallic just because it doesn't go "Bam!" When it hits the light, but it's pretty close lol.

The other large shade in the palette, this is a pale matte cream that's a perfect brow highlight shade.

All in all, I really love the palette so far. I don't have much experience with Too Faced shadows believe it or not, even though I had 2 Too Faced shadows that were the first high end single shadows I ever owned waaaaay back when they first started their line and had the little cartoon faces on all their packaging. I will say from this palette alone there's a great mix of textures and finishes. I like that I can get a full look out of this and not have to grab for other palettes or shadows, that makes it nice for when I'm in a hurry!

The mattes vary texture-wise. Some are more dry, some are like butter, but the good thing is that they're not chalky or powdery, and they all blend out nicely. They definitely are pretty good when it comes to matte shades!

If you only get one of the chocolate palettes, I'd recommend this one. Like I said, I don't have the other two, but I like that this one has that bright pink in there for if you want to do a fun look or add a pop of color, or you can get nice everyday neutral look from it, or bold nighttime looks. It's a pretty versatile palette so I'd be lying if I said I don't recommend it to everyone!

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