Friday, January 1, 2016

Kat Von D Formula X Studded X: Mini Lip & Nail Duo in Poe

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I was pretty disappointed when I ordered this and saw the size of the nail polish, to be honest. It is TINY. It's .13 oz. and the lipstick is .04 oz, the size of the ones that come in the mini holiday set. The lipstick being small is fine - I will not go through a blue lipstick that fast. But the nail polish size is kind of a bummer, that's my only gripe.
Each of these sets is $12 and all contain a lipstick with the corresponding nail color. They also have Coven, Slayer, Sexer, and Mercy. Poe is a navy blue with multicolored sparkles.
When the light hits it just right, you get that metallic awesomeness. It has a greenish-pink duochrome glitter tint to it, it's so pretty! You can actually see it better in the nail polish than in the lipstick:
Unfortunately you can't see that same green-pink glitter as well once it's on the nail unless you're in direct sunlight, which is why these swatches didn't show it too well!
These are cute little sets, but for $12 it's kind of pricey considering I'm only going to get a few uses out of that tiny bottle of polish. I wish they had made this one in the full size bottle because I want more of it!!

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