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Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

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I was recently contacted by Irresistible Me and asked to review a set of extensions for you guys. I ended up choosing blonde because I knew I could dye them and really put them to the test! There are so many options to choose from, but the exact ones I got were the Royal Remy Royal Platinum Blonde (HERE) 14 inches, 200 g. 200 g is A LOT of hair, and I ended up realizing that with my thick hair it's going to be way too much to wear all at once, but it gives you so many options with what to do.

You get a 4-clip beautiful, thick back weft for the back of your head, 2 3-clip pieces, 4 2-clip pieces, and 2 1-clip pieces.You get 3 extra clips also. They are real human hair, so anything you do to your real hair, you can do with these. Like I said, a lot of hair and a lot of options!
So here is the platinum blonde shade before I dyed it in any way:
As you can see, this is one of the 2-clip pieces.
I filmed a whole video on how I dyed these, which will be at the end of this post! I used Pravana Vivids Wild Orchid and Ion Color Brilliance Neons in Cyan to do these, and I LOVE the way they turned out. Not only was this my first time working with hair extensions, it was also my first time dyeing them, so I think they turned out so pretty! I like the option of now being able to clip in fun colored hair without the upkeep of having my actual hair dyed like this!
I didn't dye all of the pieces - they are so thick that I ended up running out of dye! This is after I rinsed the dye out and was letting them air dry:
I let them sit like that overnight, and in the morning they were completely dry. I took a straightening iron to them, which worked great. I had straightened my own hair, so I wanted to make sure these would blend in with my hair. I LOVE how they turned out, and I love how they look! They are slightly longer than my real hair but it's not extremely noticeable - I may trim them a bit or end up waiting for my hair to grow a little more, since I really like the length of them!
This is the back weft clipped into my hair - they are so easy to put in and remove, which I love. They're pretty foolproof! As you can see, I didn't dye the band or anything - there's no need to because you're not going to see that part anyway. I pulled my hair half up and clipped this in, then let a small bit of hair fall on top of it, and I clipped in 2 of the 3-clip pieces on either side of my head. Then I let the rest of my hair down and that was it! I found that those were the only 3 pieces I needed to have a fun pop of color peeking through my hair around my whole head.
The 1-clip pieces are going to be great for when I'm in a rush and want to just clip in some fun color and go. You can put them wherever you want a streak in your hair!
I think the greatest thing about these is that they look and feel just like my hair. They don't look fake, they're not plastic-y feeling, they took the dye amazingly well, you can blow dry, straighten, and curl them - I am really impressed. I'm so happy I got to try them out and share them with you guys - you really will not be disappointed in these extensions!

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*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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