Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I Love ... Skulls!

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If you watch any of my clothing hauls, you already know I have a bit of a skull obsession - I own so many things adorned with skulls, and can never seem to get enough!! I wanted to share a few things I've been loving from a website called Light In The Box! (You can click on the names of the products to go straight to them on the site). Here's a little bit of everything - with skulls!

A. Women's Floral Skull Print Short Sleeve T-shirt: This is a really pretty, colorful skull printed on a white tee.
B. Women's Awesome 3D Print Skull Vest: Black tank with a 3D skull design on the front.
C. Skeleton and Angels Cotton/Linen Decorative Pillow Cover: This is just awesome! It is super detailed and right up my alley. I have a lot of stuff in my house that would probably be considered "Halloween-y" to most people, but this would fit right in haha
D. Three Color Skull Head Zircon Neutral rings: You can get this in yellow gold, silver, or rose gold, as pictured here. These are so cute and a really dainty way to throw a skull into your outfit!
E. Fashion Punk Skull Tote: A nice roomy bag with a cool skull design and zippers on the front.
F. Color Changing Skull LED Night Light Lamp: I mean, come on. How cool are these?! I always need some type of night light in my bathroom because I like it to be somewhat lit in the middle of the night haha. These are perfect for that!
G. Satin Polyester PVC Stamped Skulls Corset Sexy Lingerie Shaper: This is not only badass, but sexy! I love that there's little skulls throughout the entire thing.
H. Skull Shape Egg Frying Ring: I have seen this many different places, and almost foolishly paid $16 for it. It's only $3.39 here!

I hope you guys enjoyed this! If you like little posts like this showing some fun things I've found online, let me know and I will do some more!!

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