Sunday, July 12, 2015

Nail Aid Hand Tastic 24Hr Butter Cream

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This Hand Tastic 24Hr Butter Stick by Nail Aid is one of my new holy grails. I bought this a while ago from Tue 21 and recently grabbed 2 backups. It is a great moisturizing stick for hands, feet - any dry areas you have!
The packaging reminds me of deodorant, but it is pretty convenient to have this in stick form.
The product has a nice citrus scent to it (pretty much the same scent as the Maybelline Baby Lips glosses) and it has helped the heels of my feet so much! I actually looked up Nail Aid products and couldn't find this one on their site, but they do have one specifically for feet that I might have to try. This one glides on smooth but tends to be very greasy, even though it does absorb pretty well. I use it overnight because it's just easier than having to worry about greasy hands. It goes on clear, as you can see here:
And even though it starts to absorb right away, it leaves your skin shiny like that. Not the best if you're using your hands all day and don't want to leave marks on everything! At any rate, it works gloriously when you put it on dry areas before you go to bed. I had really rough, dry feet and after a few nights of using this stuff and sleeping with socks on, I can wear my flip-flops and not be self conscious about my feet! I can't recommend this enough if you're having dry skin issues right now. I've tried a lot of stuff but nothing has ever worked this fast in showing me results!

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