Wednesday, May 13, 2015

ColourPop Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencil in Tootsi

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The greige is here again! I talked recently about how LASplash's Ghoulish liquid lipstick is the perfect greige shade. Today I bring you Tootsi from ColourPop, which is a perfect $5 dupe for it! The only thing is, this one isn't flat matte, it's more of a satiny matte finish, if that makes any sense. But for $5, it's totally worth it!

Tootsi comes in both the Lippie Pencil and the Lippie Stix on the ColourPop website. The pencils are regular pencils that you need to sharpen, but they sharpen pretty easily. It glides on smooth and creamy, which I love in a liner - no tugging at the lips!
When I swatch it on my skin, it has a more brownish tone to it. On the lips, it comes up more gray.

With the Lippie Stix, it is a matte finish. I LOVE ColourPop's mattes because they are so comfortable to wear and go on extremely creamy and smooth. However, they aren't a completely flat matte finish, at least not when you first put them on. With wear throughout the day they will look flatter, but with the initial application they're more of a satiny matte finish. At any rate, it's a gorgeous, unique shade.
Again, it tends to lean more brown until I apply it. Here is Tootsi liner with the lipstick on top:
Such a cool color, right? I love this! Definitely grab this one if you're looking for that greige color everyone is going nuts over!

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