Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks: 714 and Queen Supreme

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If you've been following the Jeffree Star brand, you'll know that these lipsticks sell out in no time. With his last release, I was FINALLY able to grab the 2 newest colors, 714 and Queen Supreme. He's set to release 2 new ones this weekend, and I'm hoping I can grab those as well. There's a reason everyone wants them - they're amazing!!

The packaging is shorter and wider than a lot of liquid lipsticks/glosses I have. There isn't much space for your hand on the lid part of it, but I don't find that to be an issue when I'm applying.
The applicator has a slight curve to it, so it sort of hugs your lips as it applies. The formula is smooth and creamy, and dries pretty quickly to a matte, smudge proof finish.
Queen Supreme is an awesome bright pink. It's one that I didn't think would look great on me, but it's actually very flattering.

714 is another shade that I didn't expect to love on me. It turns out it's AMAZING! It's a bright slightly peachy coral, and I think it will look good on almost everyone!
It's such a nice spring/summer color, I am going to be wearing it a ton. I love how bright, almost neon it is, yet it doesn't seem too in your face, you know?

These lipsticks do not have a scent to them, and aren't sticky at all. Once they're dry, they do not budge - they're kiss-proof and smudge-proof, and last all day long! These are pretty similar to the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks that I always rave about, so if you like those you will like these as well. They're comfortable on the lips and I find that they don't dry my lips out too badly.

The one thing I dislike is that all the shades seem to be constantly sold out, They have mini restocks and then they sell out again. You have to follow the Jeffree Star Instagram page to know exactly when the launches are, so that you can be prepared! The good thing is that when they say it's going up at a certain time (it's usually 12pm PST), it goes up at that time. No dilly-dallying like MAC always does with their "we might release this between midnight and 9am, so stay up all night waiting" crap!

I would definitely give these a try if you love long lasting lipsticks, and haven't gotten your hands on any of the Jeffree Star ones yet!

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