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UD Electric Palette Dupe Comparison - Only $6.99 at Rue 21!

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If you have been wanting the Urban Decay Electric Palette but don't think you'll use it enough to warrant spending around $50 on it, I have a palette for you that you will LOVE. This is the Electric Eye Kit from Rue 21, and it has dupes for all 10 shades in the Urban Decay Electric Palette, plus 2 extras. I had ordered 2 of these because I want to do a giveaway, but they both came smashed. I will be getting another one to do the giveaway at a later date, but for now I will do a comparison and review for anyone who is interested!

Even the packaging is similar to the Urban Decay one - all black with colorful designs on the front.
The shadows are slightly smaller than Urban Decay's, but that is probably because there are 12 here and 10 in the UD palette.

I'll start by doing side by sides of the shadow swatches of the 10 shades that are in the Urban Decay palette (there are 2 extra that aren't dupes for anything, because there are 12 shades instead of 10 in this Rue 21 palette).
On the left is the Rue 21 silver and on the right is Urban Decay's Revolt. The Rue 21 shade is pulling pink here because the pink shadow was smashed in my palette and mixed in with it - if that hadn't happened, it would be a much closer match here. Revolt is definitely more pigmented though.

Here we have the Rue 21 bright blue on the left and UD's Gonzo on the right. This is a pretty close match, both in application and pigmentation.

I don't know why my pictures are wanting to turn sideways, but for some reason they won't upload correctly! Is this an April Fool's joke? Because it isn't funny! On the top here we have the Rue 21 orange and the bottom is UD's Slowburn. Slowburn has more glitter to it and it is far more pigmented. UD wins this one.

Rue 21's hot pink and UD's Savage. Pretty much spot on, though the Rue 21 one is slighlty harder to work with - it starts off chalky but blends out okay.

Rue 21's teal shade and UD's Fringe. Both are pretty, Rue 21 is more green while Fringe is more blue. 

This is the color I'm most impressed with here, the bright blue from Rue 21 and UD's Chaos. Chaos is a really unique bright blue and while it is far creamier and has a much better texture than the Rue 21, the color is pretty spot on and you can't go wrong for how cheap this palette was.

Top is Rue 21, bottom is UD's Jilted. Another shade that is pretty spot on, though Jilted has a more noticeable color shift.

Rue 21's purple on the top, UD's Urban on the bottom. Urban is slightly more pigmented, but again a great dupe here.

Rue 21's light green on top and UD's Freak on the bottom. Freak is a little lighter, but they both have the same shimmer to them. Very nice shades from both.

Rue 21's lime green on top and UD's Thrash on the bottom. This is spot on color wise, though Thrash is slightly shimmery and the Rue 21 shade seems to be matte.

Now here are swatches of the whole Rue 21 Electric Eye Kit - you'll notice the shimmery light purple all the way to the right in the first picture and the medium purple all the way at the bottom in the second picture are the "bonus" shades.

My final verdict: i was really impressed with this palette (aside from the fact that it arrived busted!) I always hate when makeup gets shipped in a mailing envelope instead of a box because it usually never turns out good. At any rate, this palette is only $6.99 and is pretty spot on for the most part. If you want a palette of brights just to have in your collection and you don't want to spend the money on the Electric Palette from Urban Decay, this will definitely suit your needs. I have tried dupe palettes before, and they weren't always good like this. Plus there's not as much worry about where the ingredients in this one came from because it's sold in an actual store as opposed to one of those cheap Chinese websites (even though it does say Made in China on the back, so who knows). I was really surprised at the quality of these shadows and would definitely recommend it. For what it is, it's really great.

If you're interested, the link to buy the Rue 21 palette is HERE! And check out my review and comparison video here:

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