Saturday, March 28, 2015

Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in Keep Lying For You

Makeup Revolution is a brand that is new to me, as it is a European brand and I stumbled upon it one night while looking at makeup online. I was intrigued by their liquid lipsticks, which seemed to get rave reviews online as a great transfer-proof liquid lip color. I picked up this and a blush (which I will review separately).

The color I got is called Keep Lying for You and is a very pretty pinkish violet shade.
It has your standard doe foot applicator.
The product has no scent and goes on totally opaque. It is slightly sticky until it dries, but once it is set completely, it is completely transfer proof. It looks like more of a mauve when there's not a light shining on it/flash from the camera, but you will see the true color in my lip swatch!
I will say you have to exfoliate your lips before using these. Don't mind my dry lips in this photo, as it was taken after I got over being sick!
They are budgeproof, but REALLY hard to remove. I recommend an oil based makeup remover to get it off - my favorite is the Oil in Gel Lipstick Remover from Sephora. It is pretty comfortable to wear, just slightly drying. As with most of these liquid lipsticks, adding a gloss over it is a no-no, as it will change it into a goopy sticky mess. If you love matte lips, this is definitely for you!


  1. hm, I would love this if it actually looked like the hand swatch! Lol. Oh well :) still pretty.

    1. Yeah it's a lot brighter on the lips for some reason lol