Friday, March 6, 2015

MAC Bao Bao Wan Lipstick in Lavender Jade

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I already went on about the craziness of the Bao Bao Wan launch in my review of the beauty powder HERE, but out of everything, this lipstick was the thing that sold out lightning fast. As in it never even went up on some sites that were selling it (I believe Bloomingdale's had it listed but it was out of stock from the beginning). I was very lucky and managed to snag mine from Macy's before they sold out as well.

Lavender Jade is a matte finish, and it is a very wearable purple shade. This is EXTREMELY close to Dodgy Girl from the Osbournes collection. I will compare swatches later in the post! I absolutely love the deep green glittery packaging of this collection, but I especially love the way it looks on the lipstick tube.
The inside part is gold and it just looks very fancy!
See? Gorgeous pinky-lavender shade. I have been collecting a lot of purple lipsticks lately, but this is the most wearable shade for me, by far - the lighter - but still clearly purple - purple lol.

Now for comparison here, from left to right is Lavender Jade, Dodgy Girl, and then ColourPop's Corset:
As you can see, Dodgy Girl is just ever-so-slightly darker. Corset is a great dupe as well but that one is a hyper glossy finish from ColourPop, so if you're adamant about it being matte, that won't quite do the job. But at $5, you really can't beat it!

I am a huge fan of MAC's lipsticks, as said in many many posts before where I've reviewed them. The matte formula lasts hours and hours on me and wears like a longwear lipstick. I really only have to touch up after eating. I do like to use a lip primer with it though, because their matte shades can be slightly drying. Other than that, this gets a huge thumbs up from me!!

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