Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks

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I recently picked up 2 of the new Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks and while they have their cons, they are an all-around nice long lasting, smudge proof liquid lipstick.

The first color is Sad Girl, which is a deep berry with tiny flecks of pink glitter in it.
It has a long doe foot applicator, and this is my first issue with the packaging. I wish these had brushes because they are very hard to apply with an applicator like this. Maybe it's just because I got 2 super dark colors, but it is next to impossible to get a clean application without using a lip brush. It's a very messy product to apply.
The formula takes a little longer to dry and set than I would like. In fact, until I realized that it needs a while to dry, I didn't think they were smudge proof or anything lol!
 While this shade does have glitter in it, it's not overpowering or too crazy. It looks almost foil-like when it is completely dry, and it's a very pretty color. You can't feel the glitter in it either, which is a huge plus. This is the only color in the whole line right now that has glitter in it like this - all the rest are matte.

The next color is one I debated whether or not to get. It is called Potion, and it is crazy. It's a super dark eggplant purple that almost looks black in the tube.
Again, very messy to apply and I definitely recommend using a lip brush to apply it instead of just swiping the color onto your lips straight from the applicator.
I don't know what it was about this color, but I just had to have it! It's completely opaque and so unique.
I know a lot of dark lipstick fans will love this color. I feel like it's a less crazy version of a black lip, just because it's purple lol!

These lipsticks have no scent to them, which surprised me because pretty much everything has a scent nowadays. I can get all day wear out of them, but often have to touch up after eating. They are pretty smudge proof, as long as you let them dry completely. I wouldn't say that they're COMPLETELY transfer resistant, as I have some liquid lipsticks that don't transfer whatsoever, but they are pretty great for being such dark colors. I found that the longer I wear them during the day, the less they end up transferring, so I think it's just a matter of the top layer needing to blot off before it becomes totally kiss-proof. As I said before, I recommend skipping the doe foot applicator, especially for these dark colors, and just applying with a lip brush. Other than that, these have been pretty great!

My video about the Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks:

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