Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Limited Edition Makeup By One Direction Tins!


The Makeup by One Direction line has released some more limited edition makeup tins, and this time there's one for each of the guys! Oddly enough, the products inside the tins are all the same. I was sent 3 of them and they are all indeed the same inside - the only difference is, of course, the collectible tin.
 For starters, these tins are slightly smaller and a little bit sturdier than the tin I reviewed a few months ago, when the line first launched.

 I like the layout of these better, too!
Inside you get 6 shadows, an eyeliner, 4 glosses, a glitter top coat (lip gloss), 2 nail polishes, and a lip brush and sponge tip applicator.

I've got to say, the eyeshadows are really nice! I'll go through each color here for you:

Nobody Compares is a silvery grey. It is almost metallic and has a nice sheen when it hits the light:

Tell Me A Lie looks shimmery, but that's actually just an overspray. It comes off as a matte beige shade.
Same Mistake is my absolute FAVORITE and is a seafoam green with tons of gold shimmer/sheen to it:
I Would is a deep matte brown with tiny copper sparkles:
Summer Love is a deep matte purple. This has tiny sparkles in it too, but they don't transfer - it ends up just being a pretty matte purple shade.
Everything About You is a deep charcoal shade:
Now for swatches! These perform really nicely and don't have a fallout issue or anything.  How gorgeous is that Same Mistake color? I love that one so much!

Next we have the eyeliner called I Want. It glides on smooth and is pretty creamy, but it's not as dark as I like black eyeliner to be.

The Lip Top Coat is called Over Again, and it is a clear base with tiny silver glitters. It isn't overly glittery, just adds a nice shine to your lips, and has a nice vanilla scent to it:

Next are the lip glosses. To my surprise, they don't have a scent at all. All of the other lip stuff I've tried from the line so far have a vanilla scent to them. These don't smell like anything!

Loved You First is a bright pink:
One Thing is an iridescent baby pink. This looks great over dark lipsticks!

Irresistable is a shimmery rose:
 Heart Attack is a shimmery nude:
Here are some swatches of them. They are all pretty sheer, but can be built up a bit. They are very shiny, and not sticky at all, which is nice as well.

And the nail varnishes. Stole My Heart is a hot pink with pink and purple shimmer, and Alive is a clear base with all different sizes of teal, silver and pink glitters.
Obviously the glitter will look better over the pink, but I swatched them separately so you could see how they perform - each has 2 coats! I find these to be a much better formula than the nail art kit that I reviewed the other day. These dry much faster and last longer on the nails. I got a couple days wear out of these before chipping occurred, whereas the other ones chipped on me in one day.

These tins are available at Sears, Kmart, Target, and Walmart Canada. I found this odd because all their other stuff is sold at Macy's and costs more, but to be quite honest the eyeshadows in these tins are SO MUCH better than the ones being sold in the Macy's tins! These are a great gift idea for any One Direction fan, and I like that they all have the same thing inside so you don't have to go crazy and get all 5 of them (unless you really want to!)

YOU can win one of these tins, too! Check out the giveaway HERE and enter!!

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.
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I also made a video showing the new tins, check it out here!