Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Black Friday Tips

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I worked retail for 12 years and have a thing or two to say about Black Friday. I figured I would make a post here about it, because seeing my email inbox being flooded with sale announcements and coupons, and seeing my Facebook overrun with people talking about it, my mind is just filled with thoughts and things to say!

I know some people have a tradition of braving the crowds for the sales either after dinner on Thanksgiving (which I totally don't agree with, because just think about it - those people in the stores who were there early to set up and make sure everything was running smoothly so that YOU can shop, had to miss out on dinner with their families and deal with leftovers when they get home. That's just not right.) or waking up at 4am on Friday and waiting in lines so that everyone can fight over stupid sale items. Think about it: you give thanks the day before, just to go stampede stores for material items. It's a little silly.

I for one do not go out to the stores. You couldn't PAY me to go out. I have seen the ridiculousness and arguing that it causes. And do you know why I think this is so stupid? BECAUSE 90% OF THE TIME YOU CAN SIT AT HOME, ORDER ONLINE, AND GET ALL THE SAME DEALS! I know "Cyber Monday" is for the internet crowd, but quite honestly, all the stores have their Black Friday deals online as well, and that is how I get most of my Christmas shopping done every year. This year, it seems like Black Friday has been a week-long thing. It's just getting ridiculous! 

Here is what I do every year if I'm looking to shop the sales. Of course I make a list of all the people I have to buy for first, but then I do the following. You ready?
1. Get a mug of hot cocoa.
2. Turn on my computer and bring up the sites I'm looking to buy from.
3. Shop for the people on my list.

And done.

You don't have to go brave the cold waiting in line for hours. You don't have to fight with people in a store over the last item of something or other. You don't have to deal with any aggravation other than maybe your dog trying to get in your lap as you're ordering online. Sounds much better, doesn't it?

It just seems ridiculous to me that so many places are open on holidays now. I think EVERYWHERE should be closed on the major holidays. It's not fair to those who are forced to work or threatened with being fired (you've seen it a lot on the news this year but I think it's been done for a long time, because it sure happened at the places I worked) because they don't get to spend time with their families. For a lot of people, this is the only time of the year they even get to SEE their families! I'm sure none of them feel like trekking into work at 4am to deal with a bunch of angry, irate customers. The thought of it just gets me riled up, because I'm having flashbacks of all the memorably irate customers I've dealt with over the years LOL.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, stay home. Be comfy. Do your shopping from the comfort of your living room and chill out. It's not worth it!

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