Sunday, November 16, 2014

ColourPop Super Shock Shadows in Frisky and Krinkle

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Today I have a couple more ColourPop shadows to review for you guys! The first one is Frisky, which is a black base with lots of silver and multi-dimensional sparkles.
 As I've mentioned in my other reviews, these shadows have a crazy formula. They're creamy/spongey feeling, but once they touch your skin, they feel just like a powder. This one looks like it just has silver glitter in it until it hits certain lights, then it is teal and almost rainbow colored!
The black part of it isn't incredibly pigmented, but this is still a pretty shadow nonetheless. If there's one thing that's difficult with these color-shifting ones, it's how hard it is to properly capture them in photographs!!

The other shade is Krinkle. I thought this one would be really great for holiday looks! It is a metallic silver with holographic sparkles.
This one is very pigmented. Again, hard to photograph! 

I used the two of these in a look with Krinkle all over the lid and Frisky on the outer corner, and it was so pretty! Why did I not think to take a picture of it? Ugh! At any rate, the two of them together create a nice glittery smoky eye. I've got to say, using these are a lot easier than bothering to use a glitter base and glitter for a sparkly look! I think my favorite part about them is while they are very glittery, you don't get any fallout because of the cream consistency. They're pretty genius, and again, only $5 each!!

You can see live swatches of these shadows here!

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