Monday, November 17, 2014

Sephora V.I.B. Rouge Formula X Nail Polish in X Loves Rouge

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The VIB gift for this year is a Formula X nail polish! It's full size, and I'm pretty excited about this because I just recently tried Formula X for the first time and now I know what all the fuss is about. I love their formula! The shade is a bright red and it's called X Loves Rouge.

I've been a Rouge member now for almost a year, and just recently hit the point mark again to remain a Rouge member throughout 2015 as well. Is it worth it? Well I do love that I get free shipping every time I order from the site, especially because I order more online than actually going to the store. They send invites every now and then for special in-store events, and every now and then we'll get first dibs on new products (like the Hourglass blush palette, which came in handy!) Just figured I would throw that in there, because I get asked a lot what the perks are as opposed to just being a regular VIB member.

Now, on to the polish!

Like I said, this is a full size Formula X polish, 0.4 oz. I really like the look of the Formula X bottles, but I don't see the point in their caps because you have to take the white part off in order to even open it and get the brush out. *Shrugs* I guess that's just the design they came up with, not a big deal.

Ignoring the fact that my cuticles are horrendous lately, here is what the color looks like. Folks, this is ONE coat. ONE! I cannot express how nice these polishes are. I only own a couple now, but it's really tempting me to get more, despite the fact that I have 400+ bottles of nail polish and need to do a massive overhaul. Yeah, it's as much a problem as my makeup addiction is!
I found I can get about 4 days out of this before it chips, which is saying a lot because most polishes chip on me after the first day! I really really recommend these - they are a bit pricey, but unlike some expensive polishes, they're actually worth it!!

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