Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sugarpill Limited Edition Chromalust in Olivia

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This is one of those things I've had sitting around for a while that I keep forgetting to review! I hate doing it now because it was a limited edition shade, but I got a few questions about it so I'm going to go ahead and post the review anyway ...

Olivia is an olive green, kind of on the brighter side as in it's not a dark, true olive, it flashes gold and it has a ton of sparkle in it that flashes gold and aqua. It comes in the limited edition white Chromalust packaging, as the past ones all have.
I've reviewed many of the Chromalusts before, so I don't want this to get repetitive, but they are hands down my favorite loose eyeshadows. You get SO much product, and they're all so pigmented that a little goes a very long way.
Here is a swatch without flash:
And with flash:
In the picture with flash, you can definitely see where it flashes aqua sparkles in certain light. All in all, this is another gorgeous shade to add to the Sugarpill collection!! I believe the Sparkle Baby collection is going to launch soon, so I'm excited for that! I never got around to getting the Cold Chemistry shadows, because I felt like I have too many like those shades already. The Sparkle Baby ones look more unique and fun!

Hope you guys enjoyed this review, I have a ton of other stuff planned for this week!

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