Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter

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I have been hearing about this everywhere lately it seems, and while I was very interested in trying it, I didn't want to pay $22 for the full size jar if I ended up not liking it. There is a 1.6 ounce $6 jar at Sephora for those of you interested in trying it out before you commit to the full size! That is what I ended up getting, and I have to say, the stuff is amazing.

This is the first product I've ever tried from Soap & Glory. I looked at their things at Target many times when it used to be sold there, but I always thought it was way too expensive (go figure, now it's sold at Sephora haha). They do lip glosses and many other things, but I think their main focus is bath and body products. Everything has a very retro vibe to it and most of the stuff has pink packaging.

This body butter is SO THICK. That's the thing I like best about it. For me, the thicker the better when it comes to body butter. I want to be able to turn the tub upside down and have it not plop out or go anywhere!
The scent is really, really pleasant. It's floral, which I don't usually like when it comes to lotions, but it is very light and clean smelling. I like putting it on when I get out of the shower, as my skin will be lightly scented with it all day. 

Another great thing about it is that it absorbs right into the skin. There's no greasy feeling, there's no shininess, no rubbing for 5 minutes to get it to absorb. You get a dollop out, rub it in, and you're done. Pretty much the easiest-to-work-with body butter I've ever owned!

I was hoping to get pictures of how thick it is, but I don't think you can really truly tell until you touch it!

If you've been looking to try this out, I definitely recommend picking up the $6 jar of it. A little goes a long way so it's going to last you a while anyway, and if you end up liking it then you can always get the bigger jar after!

I talk more about the Body Butter Here:

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