Sunday, August 17, 2014

GlamGlow - Demo and Where to Get It Cheaper!

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I was initially going to just do a blog post about this, but I figured it would be better to show it in action, so you will find my demo video at the bottom of this page! I snapped a few photos of the product so you could see it better, but the bulk of my review is in the video! I filmed it the first time I tried it, so now that I've used it more I can tell you more about it here.

I had been wanting to try GlamGlow for a REALLY long time. They have 4 different kinds now, which is crazy. I got the Supermud Clearing Treatment, as I figured it would be best for my oily skin type and I really have been loving it. While I wish you got more product/a bigger jar, it is really great stuff and definitely works! I can see why so many people rave about it after finally getting to try it.

I used up my tube of Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask, which is the "drugstore supe" for this product. It works well, it cleans my skin nicely, but after using this stuff I can tell you that it's nowhere near as powerful as GlamGlow. GlamGlow tingles right away and you can tell it's doing something. As it dries, it gets really tight, like to the point where you can't really talk, and it draws all the gross stuff out of your pores.
The first time I used it and rinsed it off, I noticed some pimples that didn't seem to be there before I put the mask on. I was a bit worried that it was going to break me out, but figured it was like the Clarisonic, in the way that it's cleaning really deep, so it's going to bring up some stuff on your face! I can happily tell you that after using it for a few days, my face is super clear and feels nice and soft!

I also mention in the video where to buy GlamGlow for $38 instead of $69 - almost half the price! You can get the Supermud, Tinglexfoliate, or Thirstymud one. They don't yet have the new Powermud one available yet, but I'm sure it will be in the future! They also have the eye treatment as well. The link is in the description box of the video.

I hope that this was helpful to anyone wanting to try GlamGlow but not wanting to shell out $69 for it! I mean, $38 is still pricey for a face mask, but it's a lot better than the $69 they charge everywhere else. As much as I love Sephora and prefer to buy things there to get the points, I'll take it for $31 cheaper!!

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