Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kat Von D Lightning Liner in Poe

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I stopped into Sephora on my annual birthday shopping trip, and I was so surprised to see these because I didn't even know about them! They are new Lightning Liners from the Kat Von D line, and they are pretty unique. I picked up the color Poe, but after trying this one I think I need some of the others!!!

First of all, it's really unique. I've never had an eyeliner in this type packaging before. It reminds me of a Stila lip glaze, because the applicator is a brush tip, but the product twists up through it. It was a little tricky at first because you have to take off the stopper and snap the tip down and then twist the product up to get it going - at one point I thought I broke it, but I figured it out eventually!
The product itself is very much a liquid liner, so you have to be careful because a lot wants to come out at once. I find that if I do one click at a time with it, I don't have a problem. The brush comes to a very fine point, much like Kat's Tattoo Liner and Ink Liner, so it makes it easy to control and get a precise line.

Now, this "Poe" isn't a navy blue like her lipstick of the same name. This is a metallic purple with lots of sparkle. It's very opaque and you don't have to keep going over it, which I love - one coat is enough!
The best part? It lasts all day long! It doesn't specifically say that it's waterproof, but I went to a party where I was playing on a waterslide all day, and this stuff didn't budge. It doesn't flake, doesn't smear once it's set - Kat really knows how to make some kickass eyeliners! I was hoping for colorful ones from her for a while and now we have them. There are 5 other colors - a sparkly black, khaki green, brown, burgundy, and forest green, all of them are metallic and awesome like this! 

I may have to invest in at LEAST one more, because I swatched the khaki green and it was gorgeous. I almost bought both, but with her new lipsticks disappointing me (I swatched EVERY SINGLE ONE and still don't like the texture!) I didn't want to go crazy and end up not liking these either. I should have known I would love it! I think the lipsticks were just a freak accident, because when do I ever dislike a Kat Von D product? haha! 

These are up now on

I talk more about the liner in this video:

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