Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

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A couple weeks ago I got an email from Urban Decay that they were sending out samples of their new Perversion mascara for a limited time, so I signed up right away. It took about a week to come and I tried it for a few days so I could share my thoughts on it!

I should probably mention I've never been a fan of Urban Decay's mascaras, specifically Big Fatty. I had a tube of that that was dried up as soon as I opened it, tried another one and it just did nothing for my lashes. So I wasn't about to buy a full size of this one - I'm glad I got to try out a sample first!

The sample came in a cute little box, and inside the box there was a sleeve that had the mascara sample along with some info about it:

The tube itself is the same gunmetal gray Urban Decay has been using lately:

The brush is nothing special - it's on the larger side, but it's nothing revolutionary or amazing.

Here are my lashes without the mascara:
And here they are with 1 coat:
It gives some length, and a little bit of volume if you build up the coats. It is definitely black, and it's a very wet formula that takes a bit to dry which I'm not really fond of.

In this picture, the eye on the left has no mascara and the eye on the right has 2 coats:

I like it, but I don't know if I'll bother getting a full size. I have many mascaras that do more for my lashes and I don't have to work as much with them to give me volume. I need 2-3 coats with this one for it to look really nice, and the fact that it doesn't dry right away is kind of a pain. This mascara is just okay for me. I will use up the rest of the tube before I make my final decision, but I have been loving my Kat Von D 24 hour mascara so much lately that this one comes nowhere close to it!

I recorded a first impresions/demo video, you can check it out here:

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