Saturday, July 5, 2014

OCC Stained Gloss in Concubine

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OCC recently launched their Dune Generation collection, and this color was just too nice to pass up. I had never tried any of their Stained Glosses before, so I thought this would be the perfect one to try out first!

The color is called Concubine and it's such a perfect everyday color for me. It's a muted pink, and though it's a gloss, it's very pigmented.
I actually like the formula of this better than the regular Lip Tars! It has the same peppermint scent and everything, but I find that even though this is really pigmented, it doesn't try to bleed like the Lip Tars always do, especially the darker colors. 

I think the main difference between the Stained Glosses and the Lip Tars is that the glosses are much shinier. The best part is that the shine actually lasts a really long time, as opposed to just wearing off after an hour or so. This is probably one of the most long lasting "glosses" I've ever used without it being super sticky!

I highly, highly recommend this color and the Stained Glosses in general. I didn't pick any up when they first launched because I wasn't sure I'd like them, but now I am so happy I tried one out!

I talk more about it in my haul video here:

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