Sunday, July 6, 2014

e.l.f. Ariel Bronzed Beauty Set

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I don't always like e.l.f. products - they are very, VERY hit or miss for me. But, I am a sucker for anything Ariel, so when I saw that they had another Disney collection and this time it was JUST Ariel, I couldn't resist. The great part is that the collection (most of it anyway) is available on and, which made it a heck of a lot easier than going on a wild goose chase like with most of these limited edition things that come out!

This set comes with a mini Kabuki brush and a bronzer that has Ariel on the cover. If nothing else, that was cute enough in itself, but the product is actually pretty decent!

The brush has an "A" on the front and just says e.l.f. on the back. It is a little scratchy, like the $1 e.l.f. face brushes are.

I think the artwork on the packaging is gorgeous. They stuck more to the original Ariel, whereas when they did the Disney Villains palletes and everything (last year? I can't remember!) they really strayed from what the characters originally looked like. This is more of a black and white outline of Ariel with a little color thrown in her lips and the flowers in her hair.

The bronzer looks darker in the pan than it actually applies, much to my surprise. It has a tan color with a satin finish, and splotches of shimmery gold. When mixed together, it makes a pretty shimmery bronze shade.

The first shade here is just the tan bronzer, the second is one of the gold splotches, and the third swatch is the 2 of them blended together. Pretty, right?

In the past I've found e.l.f. powder face products to be chalky and blah, but this one is really nice. It doesn't apply patchy or wear off quickly like I have noticed with their blushes. Of course I love the fact that it's in an Ariel compact, but it is nice all the same!

I talk about the bronzer more in my haul video here:

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