Wednesday, July 9, 2014

e.l.f. Ariel Brush Set

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Let me start by saying that unless you want this because you're a serious Disney/The Little Mermaid collector, it's pretty pointless. This is much more a set for little kids to play with than it is for actual makeup application! That being said, let's see why ...

The packaging is what suckered me in with this one. The box was pretty, and Ariel is on the little brush holder. These are NOT full-size brushes, and they are very flimsy/cheaply made.

Are they pretty? Yes. The crystals are a cute touch, but the brushes aren't something I'll get any use out of. You get a face brush:

A lip brush:

A small angled liner brush:

An eyeshadow brush:

An another angled brush that is too thick for liner and brows, so I'm not sure what you would use it for!

The case is cute and is the selling point for me, but then again it's not worth $10 so you be the judge.

The brushes are not the greatest, they're a little scratchy so like I said, I don't see myself using them. e.l.f. should have charged $5 at best for this set, but I guess because they slapped Ariel and Disney on it, they had to charge more. It's cute, but much more a kid's thing than for adults.

You can see more here!

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