Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sally Hansen Color Foil Polishes in Sterling Silver and Cobalt Chrome

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Let me just say how excited I was when I spotted these in a display at Walmart. Years ago, I think it was around 2002 or so, Sally Hansen made Crystal Chrome polishes. They weren't around very long, and they became very sought-after in the nail polish world. They were awesome polishes to use with nail art stampers, as they showed up on just about any color because of their chrome finish. They also were the few "normal" polishes that actually worked with the stamping plates. Most of the time you end up having to buy the special stamping polishes because normal polish just doesn't want to transfer from the plate to the stamp and onto your nail. So when I saw these, I thought, "OMG are they the same thing?!"

For nostalgia purposes, here is what the new Color Foil bottle looks like compared to the old Crystal Chrome:
Very different bottle-wise, but the formula is pretty much the same, and because of that I am very happy! To say the Crystal Chrome one is probably 12 years old, it's still perfect - not clumpy, dried out, or anything. I'd been hoarding the last of it just because I've never come across another chrome polish with the same payoff and finish, until now.

There are 10 colors in total, but I picked up 2 for now. They are most likely limited edition so I'll have to get my hands on some more before they go away for good. They were $6.97 at Walmart though, so not the cheapest as far as drugstore polishes go! 

This first one is Sterling Silver, and is a classic silver chrome finish. I've had other polishes say "chrome" before, like the Wet n' Wild ones that came out last year some time, but these are the closest looking thing to chrome I've ever seen. We're talking almost mirror-like finish here.
The silver is perfect because if you're going to use it for stamping, it looks good no matter what color you put it over. This is going to become a staple in my nail art collection.
I hate swatching on my own nails, but I had no fake nails left so sorry for my ugly cuticles! lol I am very hard on my hands and need to work on getting my nails back in shape. They haven't been long for a very long time now, as I cut them all down once I had Aiden. But can you see how "chrome" it looks? I love this silver so so much!!

The other shade I picked was Cobalt Chrome.
This one isn't really the same shade as the bottle color, but it's still pretty. It ends up darker on the nails than what the color of the bottle is.
With this one, and I'm sure all the other colored ones are the same, you need to make sure you shake the bottle well before applying it. You can see silver streaks (like in my swatch) if it isn't shaken well enough. The colored ones must all have that touch of silver chrome in them to give them that finish!

These can totally be one coat polishes, but I prefer to do 2 for good measure. It is imperative that you use a topcoat with them, as they are a very thin yet opaque formula and will chip after a day of wear. They dry almost instantly, which is a huge plus if you're in a rush, but you must must MUST use a good topcoat to maximize your manicure with them.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! If you'd like to see my haul video where I talk about these, you can check it out here:

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