Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nails, Inc. Leather Effect Polish in Old Compton Street

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I recently picked this up for $7 on clearance from the Sephora website. I think Nails, Inc. polishes are one of the best brands out there - they last so long without chipping! The Leather Effects intrigued me, and when I saw that this was on clearance I had to grab it.

I love that the cap is covered in leathery material. The brush and formula feel similar to their regular polishes. Old Compton Street is just a gray cream, no shimmer or anything, but it is a tectured polish, so when it dries it looks pretty cool.
Forgive my awful looking nails - I normally swatch on fake nails but didn't have any!
As you can see, it's kind of like the sand texture polishes, but the grit is much finer. It gives kind of a leathery look to it. This is two coats. Every polish I have by them is a one or two coater, which is always nice! This one dries really quickly too, which is another plus. I don't use topcoats over textured polishes like this, so it's good that I get about 4 days of wear out of it before it starts chipping!

At the time of this post, this polish is still on clearance - click here!

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