Sunday, June 15, 2014

MAC Sharon and Kelly Osbourne MSF Duos in Refresh and Jolly Good

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The Mineralize Skinfinish Duos were what I was most excited for from the Osbournes Collection, so I ended up picking them both up. They are so pretty, though I do favor the Kelly one a lot more. Let's take a look!

The Sharon MSF Duo is called Refresh, and as with the other stuff in her collection, it has red packaging with her signature in lavender.
This contains the Mineralize Bronzer in Peach Tan, which is a very orangey toned bronzer on my skin, and the Mineralize Skinfinish in Golden Pink, which is a gorgeous shimmery champagne pink color. The bronzer is waaaay orange in person, so I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of it wearing it by itself, but it's a little more workable when blended with the Golden Pink color, which turns it into more of a shimmery bronzer than anything else. Here it is with and without flash:
Here in the swatches I did Peach Tan first, then Golden Pink, then the two mixed together:
Golden Pink is gorgeous, though a wee bit too dark to use as a highlighter by itself on my skin tone. I'm going to get the most use out of this product by just using the 2 mixed together as a bronzer, I think. The bronzer is extremely pigmented so it's one you have to be careful with, but the product as a whole is so smooth and finely milled that I really can't fault it other than the fact that it's a bit too dark for me! It's very much a warm toned product, while Kelly's is the cool-toned one.

Next up we have Kelly's MSF Duo, which is called Jolly Good. Love the name, and I have fallen in love with this product!! Kelly's packaging is lavender with her signature in red.
This contains Mineralize Blush in Soft Pale Pink, which works great as a cool toned light bronzer with a slightly satin/not completely matte finish, and Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Cool Beige, which is a very light pinky-toned highlight shade with a satin finish. Mixed together, they create a gorgeous glowy shade that works a lot like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders do.
Here it is with and without flash:
In the swatches, I did Light Cool Beige first, then Pale Pink, then the two mixed together.
For my skin tone, this one just works better. It is very smooth and finely milled like the Sharon one, but I see myself using this one a lot more because I can use the Cool Beige as a bronzer, the Pale Pink as a highlighter, or mix the two together for an all-over glowy finishing powder. This is a pretty awesome face product for lighter skin tones!

All in all, I enjoy both of these but I am going to get a lot more use out of Jolly Good than Refresh. I hope MAC comes out with more of these duos in the future, because they are really nice!

If you would like to see live swatches of everything I got from the Osbournes Collection, check out my video here:

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