Wednesday, June 18, 2014

NYX Flat Brush

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I have had this for so long and keep forgetting to review it because of other reviews I need to do. So today, here we go! This is the NYX Flat Brush and I picked it up when I ordered the Macaron Lippies (which I also still need to review). I thought this would be great for contouring, as it reminded me a lot of that crazily overpriced NARS Ita Brush.

When it arrived, it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. I had never seen this brush in person before so I had no idea. However, it still serves its purpose for me as a cheek contour brush.
The brush itself is silver, and the bristles are white with brown tips. It is very soft, which I love, and it is good for doing a sharp contour. However, I find that I still need to blend my bronzer afterward with a fluffier brush, as this tends to just leave a line there on your face and not blend very well. It's also good for putting bronzer down the sides of your nose, as it is pretty thin and fits there pretty well.
(Forgive the dusties on the bristles, I had to grab the brush from the puppy before I took these pictures and apparently I didn't dust it off lol!) So for a few bucks, it is a decent brush to add to my collection. It's good for the cheek contour and nose contour, but not much else. With most brushes I can find a lot of different uses for them, but not this one, my friends!

If you would like to see me talk more about the brush, it is included in this haul video:

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